Grow Bags

Coco coir grow bags | Coco peat grow bags

Coco coir grow bags

are the most organic base to grow plants.

Coco coir grow bags

are plastic bags filled with

coco peat

or other organic materials. The growing medium can be any organic medium like

coco peat or coco coir inside the grow bags.

This coco coir

grow bags

can withstand any weather condition. With nutrients already added, the customer has to do only planting and watering.

Vasantham Coirs

manufactures durable and thickest

coco coir grow bags and coco peat grow bags

based on customer requirements. This

coco peat and coco coir grow bags

come in different sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors for your gardening uses.

  • Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers