Coir Fibre

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Coconut Coir Fibre

is extracted from the outer husk of the matured

coconut husks.

The husk contains 20% to 30% fibre of varying length. After grinding the husk, the long fibres are removed and processed into the finest fibres.

Coconut Coir Fibres

are then used for various industrial purposes, such as rope and mat making.

Coir fibres

are tough and durable.

Coco coir fibre

is also highly resilient, springs back to shape even after constant use.

Vasantham Coirs

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coconut fibres in retail and wholesale supply.

Additional information of Coir Fibre

  • Coir fibre is antifungal and does not rot
  • Coconut coir fibres provide excellent insulation against temperature and sound
  • Not easily combustible
  • Coir fibres are incredibly tolerant of moisture and dampness
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Fabrication of doormats, brushes, mattresses
  • In agriculture and horticulture, coir fibre is a substitute for peat
  • Coconut coir fibres are used for animal bedding
  • Excellent fuel and oil absorbent