Coco Husk Chips

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Coco husk chip

is an organic and natural mulch made from coconut shells. These are highly sustainable alternatives to other options due to their durability.

Coconut husk chips

can withstand extreme weather conditions and are considerably better than bark chips.

Coconut husk chips

can absorb and retain water for a long time, slowly releases it, thus keeping the soil moist and healthy.

Coco husk chips

are preferred in horticulture as a substitute for sphagnum moss.

Coco husk chips

can also be substituted as fuel for your home BBQ.

Coco husk chips made by Vasantham Coirs

from their hub in


are of the best quality and can be customised based on the industrial requirements.

Coconut husk chips are for sale from Vasantham Coirs

in both retail and wholesale stores.

  • Mulching for orchids
  • Landscaping mulch
  • Coco husk chips are a great substitute for sphagnum moss
  • Used as a potting medium due to their interaction with nutrients
  • Can be used as aquarium filler
  • Coco husk chips can be used as fuel for home BBQs