About Vasantham Coirs

Vasantham Coirs

based in


entered the industry in the early 2000 and ever since, has played an inevitable role in the field of delivering the

best-in-class coir products.

We have a team of highly skilled and trained staff to extract the superior quality of the

coco coir products.

The main strength of

Vasantham Coir

is that we have a total control over the entire process. The process includes sourcing of material from our own fibre extraction unit to our own drying yards until making the end product. All this is done in-house, thereby, fulfilling the commitments in quality aspects and giving our customers the best products at competitive prices. We offer various

coconut coir

-based products like

coco coir, coco fibre, coco pith, coco discs and coco husk chips.